The Mission

What would your life be like it you could write it out in the fabric of space to be as you imagine it.

[Tjuan]Life2Live is about acknowledging the fact that we only have 1Life2Live. One chance to make our mark in our short time period on this earth. Engineering every facet of your life to be just like you want it to be.

I made it my mission to change my life from who I was to who I always imagined I could be, and to leave a trail for others who aspire to live free to do the same. Financially Free, and able to make a living.. by living, and to help others by helping myself.

Life is more than just working, and building. it's also about enjoying and experiencing amazing things. How!? to build your life to balance all these aspects and enjoy your time as well?  THIS is what we aim to solve for all.

Follow my path in personal development and engineering your own.

The Story:

Ever since I was little, I remember looking outside in my neighborhood and wondering if the people were truly living the life they wanted. I seen people who were 30, 40, or 50 years old, but didn't have much to show for it. I always thought to myself, "if you know what you want to do... There should be NO REASON why you couldn't make your life like you wanted".

As I grew older, I realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought. Life was filled with options, and distractions. In addition, I bought into the story line that, going to school, getting a good job and working was the best way to pursue a life that you wanted. however, as I grew older, I seen how that too only proved a rat race.

I realized that I was so far from being the person that I truly wanted to be. I was always depressed and unhappy. however ,I made it my mission to transform into the person I wanted to be. I knew deep down that someway, somehow, someday, I was not going to be sad, that I would come out of this and live a truly happy life. Thus I wanted to record it and capture it. Because I knew that if I felt like that, then there was someone else out there that felt the same way. And if I could find out how to come out of it, then I could help someone else do the same.

Thus begin my journey in personal development...

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Regan McCook

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Timothy Barrett


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